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Astrology has a big role to play in a marriage. The 7th house in the birth chart plays the biggest role in a marriage. The 4th house is responsible for happiness in domestic life. The 5th house, however, plays a major role in the husband-wife relationship as it is responsible for love and emotions. All these houses are responsible for husband-wife issues in a couple's life. If these are in your favor, your marriage will work and if they are not, separation and divorce could be an issue.

Marriages are considered sacred and holi in Indian tradition. However, some people fall prey to external seduction, parental politics etc and decide to take the extreme step of divorce. Swami Ji can not only save your marriage but remove all the negative obstacles in your married life. Call him right away if you feel that your marriage is on the rocks and he will make sure that peace and happiness is restored. Your spouse and in-laws will love and respect you again. Your children will be happy with both the parents together.


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